Category: SHM

Permanent leak monitoring of an ash storage landfill liner pond

Highest environmental protection for another large landfill site in another significant Chinese city, Zibo.

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Precise Movement Monitoring at the Aquitaine Bridge in France

Texplor Geontech is proud to announce the successful installation of TEXtant® GNSS movement monitoring system on the Aquitaine Bridge in Bordeaux, France.

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Asia Minor GNSS Network Project

This groundbreaking initiative provides daily X-Y-Z results from six countries, shedding light on the complex dynamics of tectonic plates and their profound impact on seismic events.

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Safeguarding Copper Mining Operations with Advanced Leak Monitoring

First installation of Sealing Integrity Monitoring system in Chile, South America.

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Sealing Integrity Monitoring of liner basin in gypsum plant

Permanent integrity control of a geomembrane basin in a gypsum plant in Kailin, China

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Sealing Integrity Monitoring for coal storage geomembrane

Texplor’s longest running Sealing Integrity Monitoring installation is in the Netherlands in Europe.

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