Sealing Integrity Monitoring for coal storage geomembrane

Texplor’s longest running Sealing Integrity Monitoring installation is in the Netherlands in Europe.

MSS CombiModules: 158

Investigated area: 172.000m2

Location: Eemshaven, Netherlands

Description: In 2011 we installed the first permanent integrity control system in the Netherlands which is the longest running installation of Texplor. The monitoring system controls the liner of a coal storage basin with 158 MSS CombiModules on an area of 172.000 m². 

Every 6 years we check the functionality of the system during a maintenance service. The last quality control was in 2020. The system is serviced annually by our Texplor team.

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One of the outside measuring cabinets controlling part of the liner
Quality control of one of the MSS CombiModules during installation

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