Safeguarding Copper Mining Operations with Advanced Leak Monitoring

Monitoring of 7 liner basins in a copper mining plant

MSS® CombiModules: Ensuring Integrity with 90 Units

Expansive Coverage: 144,000m² Across 7 Liner Basins

Location: Sierra Gorda, Chile

Embarking on our South American journey, Texplor Group proudly introduces a groundbreaking project in the heart of Chile’s mining landscape. We have seamlessly integrated our MSS® Permanent Integrity Monitoring System, deploying 90 advanced MSS® CombiModules across seven newly established production basins, covering an expansive area of 144,000m² in Sierra Gorda, Chile.

Certified for 100 years, these modules employ cutting-edge technology that withstands the demanding conditions of copper mining operations. pH 1-14 resistant, these modules ensure reliability in acidic environments, offering a longevity unmatched in the industry.

Texplor Group’s commitment to excellence echoes through the Chilean mining facilities, where adaptability meets innovation. With our MSS® CombiModules seamlessly integrated, these liner basins are fortified against leaks, allowing for targeted repair works and providing our clients with peace of mind.

Join us in transforming industry standards—where every drop is monitored, every basin secured. Together, we define a new era of leak monitoring technology, ensuring the highest environmental protection where a leak is simply not an option.

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One of the combiModules after welding into the upper liner
One of the outside measuring cabinets

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