Permanent leak monitoring of an ash storage landfill liner pond

Highest environmental protection for another large landfill site in China

Leak Monitoring technology: Ensuring integrity with 46 MSS CombiModule Units

Monitored area: 90,000m² in total

Location: Zibo, China

We’re thrilled to announce our deployment of the advanced MSS® Leakage Monitoring System in another significant Chinese city, Zibo. Working hand in hand with our local partner, Shanghai Rightway, Texplor Group successfully embedded MSS® CombiModule Sensors into a sizeable ash storage landfill, which extends across an expansive 90,000 square meters.

Just 5 days of installation

The installation phase was executed with utmost efficiency, only taking roughly five days. This quick turnaround minimized disruptions to our client’s timetable concerning the construction and management of the landfill.

Successful blind leakage test

The Texplor team performs a detailed “blind leakage test” on the MSS® Monitoring System as part of its standard procedure, ensuring its accuracy in pinpointing potential leakages. This test is performed during the final stage of installation, just prior to the system’s formal handover.

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The landfill with its huge size of 90,000 square meters
A hole is cut in the waterproofing membrane for the blind leakage test
The leak is detected by the MSS® software and sends an alarm

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