Quality control of HDPE Liner in China

Integrity survey of liner below a mangan stack und basin

Investigated area: tailing area: 24.000 m² – water filled basin: 19.000 m²

Leak detection technology: FGM® technology

Location: Bantangwan, China

Description: Pollution was found in the groundwater and in the subsurface around the stack and tailing pond of managan production material. 

Texplor conducted a comprehensive survey with our patented technologies  (FGM®/MSS®/EFT® Electrical Tracer Technology).

The tailing area comprised approx. 24.000 m², the water filled basin approx. 19.000 m².

The leak detection showed numerous leak areas in the mangan covered stack area. The integrity of the pond was investigated on the slopes and also on the base of the basin. Detailed maps showing the detected leak areas gave the client a good basis for remediation of the liner.

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FGM® Sensors and equipment during measurements on the mangan
View on the tailing pond

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