Quality control of dam for storage of phosphorus gypsum stack

Stability problems of a dam with cracks in Wengfu, China

Investigated area: 116.000 m²

Survey technology: Gravimetry, ERT

Location: Wengfu, China

Description: A dam for storage of phosphorus gypsum stack showed stability problems with cracks along and close to the main dam. The entire area investigated was approx. 116.000 m².

The main targets of our investigation included 

  • a leak detection of the integrity of the Ditch Liner and
  • a structural inside view into the main dam and slope to investigate cracks, sinkholes and deep underground stability problems

Texplor conducted a comprehensive survey with geophysical technologies (Gravimetry, ERT). The results showed a detailed tectonically picture of what happened in the limestone subsurface of the dam and detected major tectonic fault zones.

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ERT measurements on the dam
Cracks in the dam

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