United Forces with V-Max Latam for Latin America

Establishing Advanced Leak Monitoring in Latin America! Texplor Group and V-Max Latam have joined forces to set a new standard in Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) across Latin America. Our collaboration introduces advanced solutions for monitoring the structural integrity of diverse projects, ensuring optimal performance and environmental responsibility.

Introducing MSS® Leak Monitoring System: Smart, Reliable, and Networked

Texplor’s MSS® Leak Monitoring System, holding ISO 9001 certification, is a cutting-edge solution designed for the permanent monitoring of the tightness of waterproofing systems. Continuous electronic surveillance, driven by CombiModul sensors certified for 100 years, safeguards the integrity of geomembranes in basin constructions and various sealing systems. Early detection of leak areas enables fast and targeted repair works, providing maximum and long-term risk management. Our projects span applications such as landfills, mining, tank farms, and storage facilities.

Our successful current project: A basin in the Caserones copper mine in Chile, equipped with the MSS® Leak Monitoring System

Environmental Protection and Optimal Resource Management

Texplor Group and V-Max Latam prioritize superior risk management to safeguard the environment and precious resources. Our commitment to technological excellence ensures the highest standards in environmental protection, maximizing profits through extended product life. Join us in shaping a future that surpasses industry norms.

Mauricio Quintero (V-MAX Latam) and Jonas Küster (Texplor Group) during the installation of the MSS® Leak Monitoring System at the Caserones copper mine in Chile, 2023

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