GNSS Überwachung, Aquitaine Brücke, Frankreich

24/7 movement monitoring with outstanding daily results

Technology: TEXtant® GNSS Movement Monitoring System

Equipment: 1 antenna, 1 TEXtant® GNSS System

Location: Aquitaine Bridge, Bordeaux, France

Texplor Geontech is proud to announce the successful installation of TEXtant® GNSS movement monitoring system on the Aquitaine Bridge in Bordeaux, France. Our cutting-edge GNSS technology was chosen to monitor the bridge’s movement 24/7, providing accurate daily data results that helps ensure the safety and reliability of this critical infrastructure.

Its millimeter-level precision and automatic data processing capabilities delivered outstanding results, confirming TEXtant’s status as a game-changing solution for geohazard monitoring.

We’re excited to continue to innovate and provide advanced monitoring solutions that improve safety, reliability, and efficiency across a variety of critical infrastructure projects.

Contact us to learn more about how TEXtant can support your next project.

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TEXtant antenna mounted on the bridge’s top
Aquitaine Bridge, Bordeaux, France
Texplor installes and tests the TEXtant® System on location

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