GNSS motion monitoring at Aquitaine bridge in France

24/7 movement monitoring with outstanding daily results

Technology: TEXtant® GNSS Movement Monitoring System

Equipment: 1 antenna, 1 TEXtant® GNSS System

Location: Aquitaine Bridge, Bordeaux, France

Client: Cerema

Texplor Geontech is proud to announce the successful installation of TEXtant® GNSS movement monitoring system on the Aquitaine Bridge in Bordeaux, France. Our cutting-edge GNSS technology was chosen to monitor the bridge’s movement 24/7, providing accurate daily data results that helps ensure the safety and reliability of this critical infrastructure.

Its millimeter-level precision and automatic data processing capabilities delivered outstanding results, confirming TEXtant’s status as a game-changing solution for geohazard monitoring.

In independent tests, TEXtant’s performance surpassed that of the existing automated differential GNSS system installed on the bridge. We’re excited to continue to innovate and provide advanced monitoring solutions that improve safety, reliability, and efficiency across a variety of critical infrastructure projects.

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TEXtant antenna mounted on the bridge’s top
Aquitaine Bridge, Bordeaux, France
Texplor installes and tests the TEXtant® System on location

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